Topic 1 Stack Overview

As a systems engineer working primarily with DoD sponsors, I found it interesting that the reading on Canvas entitled “Introduction to the Enterprise Information Technology Stack, Course Overview and Introductions” (Figure 1), was how closely the stacks align with the Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF).

FirefoxScreenSnapz059Figure 1. Enterprise Architecture Stack

Breaking this alignment down, we have a Business Architecture layer that is comprised of the business goals, objectives, strategies as well as the functional decompositions of the capabilities and the organizational structure. This is closely mapped to the DoDAF Capability Views (CV’s) and  the Operational Views (OVs’).  Using the DoDAF framework, the capabilities are defined and from there the operational activities and functions are derived from those capabilities.

While Figure 2 does not depict a one-to-one mapping of what is shown in Figure 1, it does show how various DoDAF viewpoints can be mapped to the business enterprise.

The Applications and Technology map well to the DoDAF System Viewpoints (SV’s).  The Data/Information map directly to the DoDAF Data and Information Viewpoint (DIV’s).

Whether you are defining an enterprise in stack or through an architectural framework, it creates a blueprint that allow the various stakeholders to trace the components (applications, systems, etc) to the objectives, processes and goals they support. This allow for greater analysis than the usual stovepipe views so often seen.

DoDAF Essentials for Business5

Figure 2. Mapping DoDAF Views to an Enterprise


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