Topic 1 – Agile Enterprise Architecture

In the past few months the company I work for has been really embracing Agile as a means to change various aspects of our business.  One of our core competencies is systems engineering.  We are an organization with  70+ years of experience in helping our government (primarily DoD) sponsors solve some very complex problems. But the embracement of Agile is a way for us to apply newer techniques to the traditional and more time consuming methods of systems development.

At the same time, I have been reading articles on LinkedIn and other sites about bring the Agile methodology to Enterprise Architecture. As with bring Agile to systems engineering, I am still wrestling with how this can be brought to EA too.

Whether we want to admit it or not, but EA has promised much in many businesses and delivered little.  It shows promise but has not delivered. Could the Agile methodology with its incremental but rapid turn around, be the thing that allows enterprise architects to quickly show a value added change?

The “just in time” and “just enough” development and delivery might be applied with success to enterprise architecture.  And because the goals might be more realistic and scaled down, the quick delivery of real meaningful change might be the ticket to showing value to some EA initiatives that might otherwise never live up to their promise and hype.


Author: leicaguy

For the most part I am an optimist. I believe that anything is possible, and I believe that my biggest impediment to success is myself.

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