Topic 4 – Stop Concentrating on ETA!

This short Gartner article (G00160635) is something everyone doing, or who thinks they are doing, enterprise architecture should read.  I have found in my career a troubling tendency of EA professionals to all to often focus their energies on the technology aspect of enterprise architecture.  The Gartner article they advise clients to not work primarily on enterprise technology architecture and ignore the other aspects such as business and information architecture.

In my opinion, there are a couple of factors at play here.  Many, not all, EA practitioners have focused so much on technology in their careers they are more comfortable in that arena and therefor focus much of their energies.  This is very short sighted, since it elevates technology to a place where it is more valued than the work it supports.  Technology is just a tool that a business can use to achieve their end goal, but it is not the end goal.  Instead EA practitioners should learn to focus less on the technology and more on working with state holders to identify the desired capabilities that they need to achieve, and then helping them develop the requirements necessary for the business to achieve those capabilities.

I remember in EA 872 Dr. Cameron was strongly of the opinion that the Enterprise Architect of an organization should not report to the CIO. All too often, I see EA’s who focus more on ETA and less on other aspects of enterprise architecture.  And reporting directly to the CIO rather say the CEO, leaves them in the position to be more technology rather than business centric.  But pulling the EA position from under the CIO allows the EA to become more attuned to the business rather than being just another IT function.


Author: leicaguy

For the most part I am an optimist. I believe that anything is possible, and I believe that my biggest impediment to success is myself.

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