Topic 6 – Modeling the Enterprise

I am very interested in modeling languages as they apply to my work in systems engineering and enterprise architecture.  Because of this interest I am constantly reviewing literature to see what people have done.  I recently came across an article written in 2011 entitled “Enterprise Modeling and Simulation within Enterprise Engineering.” in the Journal of Enterprise Transformation.

The author of this article was proposing to model the enterprise architecture, including the business architecture and business processes with discrete event simulation tools such as Arena, ExtendSim, or STELLA. While this possibly sounds compelling, it could also turn out to be an interesting, but complex, endeavor that would need to be undertaken with strict bounds regarding what and how much to model. Additionally, the use cases for such an approach would be limited to businesses which could benefit from tightly controlling their processes such as supply chain, logistics, manufacturing, and hospitals. Although simulation tools are used in business and financial markets, the use of discrete event simulation tools would probably not be as beneficial as it would to the markets mentioned previously.  At least these were my thoughts going into the paper.

Upon reading the paper, I found that not only were my initial thoughts verified, the author stated that the week link is the lack of a conceptual model. This should be a “no brainer” to most people in either enterprise architecture, that without a conceptual model you cannot develop a meaningful simulation.

Barjis, J., 2011. Enterprise Modeling and Simulation Within Enterprise Engineering. Journal of Enterprise Transformation. Taylor & Francis.


Author: leicaguy

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